Practice Schedule

White Cloud Meditation Center functions are donation based. Donations are used for maintenance of the Meditation room and our practice.

Please note that this schedule changes on occasion. Please check back often.

Dress: There is no dress code, but it is recommended that you wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing. 

You may arrive anytime during a meditation. If you find you cannot sit the entire time you may retire to the waiting room to read, do yoga, or just relax until you feel you can return to sitting. If you do need to arrive late or leave early please practice silence as you navigate the space in order to not disturb fellow meditators.

Saturday Morning
Paul Crapol provides breath-based and body-based meditations including mindfulness, insight, and metta techniques. Cushions, chairs, and meditation benches are provided for these seated meditations. Instruction, Q&As, and discussion periods are incorporated upon request.

Sunday Morning
Sunday mornings begin with 45 minutes of restorative mindful yoga followed by  30 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of walking meditation, and a second session of 30 minute meditation. Some Sundays there will be Dharma talks and guided meditations offered by various instructors. Please check the calendar or our Facebook page (@whitecloudzen) for updates on who is presenting.

If you do need to arrive late or leave early please practice silence as you navigate the space.

If you do not have a personal meditation practice you are welcome to arrive a few minutes early to request instruction. 

Thai Bodywork
Thai Bodywork is a healing session during which the practitioner uses his palms, elbows, and feet to compress muscles, stimulate pressure points, and gently stretch the body, allowing it to relax and open. The Thai method creates space between muscles, realigns and decompressed joints, and eases and soothes body tension.

Thai bodywork is Provided by Paul Crapol (by appointment only), please contact Paul directly for pricing, details, and to make an appointment at