Practice Leaders


Joseph Garcia, PsyD

I began my personal meditation practice around the year 2001. I sat alone for many years being guided by the works of Alan Watts, Ram Dass, and others. During my doctoral work my dissertation focused on the effects of training in Loving Kindness Meditation. This research peeked my interest in Buddhism.  In 2013 I reached out to the Savannah Zen Center. On May 29th, 2016 I was lay ordained by Un Shin Cindy Beach, Head Priest at the Savannah Zen Center, and Taiun Michael Elliston, Abbot of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, her previous Teacher. During the year of 2018 I studied Soto Zen Buddhist form and the religious aspects of Buddhism with Josho Pat Phelan, the Abbess of Chapel Hill Zen Center. I now practice a secular form of Buddhism which consists of a deep appreciation for the history of meditation as well as the pragmatic and psychological benefits of meditation.

While continuing my personal practice and obtaining my formal education I obtained a set of zafus and zabutons (meditation cushions) and began instructing secular meditation groups at Several University Counseling centers. I currently own a private psychology practice in Williamsburg, VA and as a part of my service to the community offer meditation & mindfulness training as well as a space for people to come sit and discover for themselves the benefits of meditation.


Aaron Cope

Aaron has been practicing Yoga and meditation for 20 years and has been teaching yoga for nearly half of that time. He completed his initial training at Breathe in Norfolk, VA and completed his advanced teacher training at Gyan Yog Breath in Rishikesh, India.