Note: Our grand re-opening will be on January 1st 2019! See the practice schedule for details. 

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White Cloud Zen is a Buddhist Sangha (practice community) based on the form of the Suzuki Roshi Lineage and the San Francisco Zen Center.

Though we practice within the Soto Zen lineage we are just Buddhists. As Buddhists we are open to all denominations of Buddhism. One need not even be a Buddhist to attend. The form and meditation are not just for Buddhists and the practice of meditation can benefit those of any religion. Anyone of any religion is welcome to attend.

If you are unfamiliar with the form, or would like meditation instruction before Sunday service please feel free to contact me, Joseph Garcia, at whitecloudzen@gmail.com or 912-677-3076 (call or text) to schedule an appointment for private or group instruction.

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